5 Reasons Why Your Hotel Needs a Social Media Presence

social media for hotels

Social media is so much more than just posting content. Your hotel has so much to offer so why not create an informative and engaging platform for your hotel? Create a space where your guests can create a community, connect with your brand and share their experiences. If done right these can turn into lifetime returning guests. Building an online community has much more perks than you may be aware of! These are only a few of the reasons why your hotel should have an online presence.

  1. Quick Information

Producing both high quality engaging and informative content is a must when you’re in the hotel industry! When done right they can both be put together in one post. For example it’ll be easy to come by information if your hotel is dog-friendly or if you have certain amenities just by a quick glance at your Instagram or Facebook accounts. 

  1. Two-way communication 

Before your guest turn to trip-advisor, booking or your very own website your social media platforms allow for quick two way communication which can lead to a quicker response and even an easy and fast booking!

  1. Creating an online community

Other than the very obvious fact that social media allows for content and two way communication it also has a very beneficial hidden gem and that’s creating an online community! The most important part of your hotel are your guests and happy guests love to share their experiences! Staying up to date and sharing content with current, past and future guests of your hotel can bring on a strong connection and earn you a lifetime customer!

  1. Real-time broadcasting

Another amazing thing that social media platforms allow for hotels is real-time communication! This is another benefit social media has to offer that really differs from traditional media like billboards, magazines, commercials, etc… If your hotel wants to share something with the world right now, then type it up and hit enter! Quick thoughts are a plus side and so are live videos if there is something spectacular you just want to share in the moment!

  1. Event Awareness

Does your hotel offer options for hosting business events, birthdays, weddings, host its own events, etc…? Facebook is the perfect platform for you. You can create events directly through facebook and even create different types of content that builds excitement about the events you have to offer. 


You may be missing out on returning customers, building relationships with your customers, spreading awareness and so much more JUST by existing on social media, now can you imagine just how much we’d be able to do for you just by taking it one step forward? 

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