More Bang For Your Buck!

Taking a scientific approach for Social Media Ads to deliver the best results!

The Process

Know exactly what we are doing!


Account Manager

You’ll receieve a dedicated account manager instantly that will handle your social media platforms and communication


Ads Strategy

Determine goal and targets to be achieved with each ad campaign.


Creative Designs

Know exactly what your audience will see in advance, approve or request edits. 


Monitor & Adjust

Let us be the voice of your brand 24/7. We’ll adapt our brand voice accordingly and build meaningful relationship with your audience.


Detailed Reports

Your account manager will provide you with reports and arrange meetings with you to discuss future plans.

Increase Awareness Revenue Loyalty

Ads Management Starting at $400

Depending on your brand, we’ll advise which platform is best to invest in to reach your target audience and gain the best value for your money. Our fixed management fee starts at $400 monthly and does not include ads budget. We suggest a minimum of $300-$500 depending on your objective. We’ll make sure every cent spent is worth it!

Facebook Ads

The pillar of digital advertising! Integrated with Instagram, you can reach anyone.

Pinterest Ads

With over 70% female users, advertising on Pinterest can be the perfect opportunity.

Instagram Ads

As organic reach continues to drop, coming up with eye-catchy ads on Instagram is a must!

Linkedin Ads

If you’re a B2B company, Linkedin is where you’ll want to focus your advertising dollars.

Twitter Ads

Extremely targeted and cost-efficient, twitter offers great advertising opportunity both for B2B and B2C companies.

Our Creativity

Let’s get started on creating some memorable ads!

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